Launching the Beyond 2040 Program

This week, the new Beyond 2040 program launched. Designed by Avila Teachers, Beyond 2040 provides Year 7 students with meaningful opportunities to engage deeply in solution-finding and design thinking. Students work collaboratively with their peers as they research, discuss and consider what the future could look like if we embraced the best solutions available in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths today.

They are supported by a panel of professional experts including scientists, analysts, designers, engineers and lawyers who actively share their experience and expertise with students throughout the program.

The Beyond 2040 program has been structured to encourage student voice and choice and provide opportunities for our Year 7 students to become more self directed and build their resourcefulness through rich inquiry, set tasks and deadline management. Ultimately the intended outcome of the program is that students build their skills for critical and creative thinking, communication and collaboration. For more insights into the program, please click here.