Year 8 Subject Selection Video


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Open | Tuesday 26 July
Close | Friday 12 August

In Year 8, personal choice and responsibility for learning are greatly encouraged. This is in keeping with research that shows young people learn better when they feel they are involved in their own learning and have agency in the decisions they make.

Please Note: Year 8 Core Subjects and Language Stream run for 2 semesters. Arts and Technology Electives run for one semester each.

Year 8 Program


Considerations when choosing Year 8 electives

Students should also consider whether any particular unit:

  1. interests them
  2. will extend their knowledge
  3. is deemed a wise choice by parents and teachers

Before making any choices for a particular semester, it is vital that students view the individual subject information.

Our timetable is constructed based on students’ choices each year. The ability to accommodate a change of mind may be possible but will be limited by timetable and class size constraints.



Continuous monitoring of students’ learning is a vital critical aspect of education learning. Students undertake a variety of coursework that develops their skills and knowledge. Online continuous reporting ensures that students and parents have access to assessment task grades and feedback in real time.

The semester report produced at the end of each semester provides a summative indication of each student’s achievement according to the Victorian Curriculum standards.