Avila Connect Alumnae Magazine

Each year, Avila College publishes an edition of Avila Connect, a magazine all about our community and alumnae. Here you can discover the latest from Avila and also explore the diverse and fascinating pathways our former students have taken beyond the gates of Charles Street. Did you receive your copy? If not, you can update your mailing address details by notifying us: avila@avilacollege.vic.edu.au.


Avila Connect 2019 Edition

Reconnect with Television Producer Bernadette O’Mahony (1979), Colombo Plan recipient Genevieve Townsend (2013), Designer Rachel Terkelsen (1991) Podcaster Michelle Andrews (2011), Digital Director Stephanie Di Trocchio (1994) and more of our Alumnae. In this edition we also explore female leadership, student wellbeing and VCAL, visit France and take a look at the new contemporary learning spaces at Avila.


Avila Connect 2018 Edition

Featuring Specialist Obstetrician Fiona Brownfoot (2001), Musicians Ruby Robertson (2013) and Jade Casemore (2015), APMN Secretariat Jessica Van Son (2004), Humanitarian Gabrielle Bourke (2001) and Fashion Designers Michelle Aznavorian (2006) and Santina Ponte (2010) and more.


Avila Connect 2017 Edition

Catch up with NGV Curator Paola Di Trocchio (1998), AFL Marketer Jess Cook (2004), Dentist Rachelle Welti (2009) while learning about Avila’s Space Station experiment, STEM-4-All program and the 20 year celebration of the Avila Reconciliation Group.