Year 8 City Experience

Year 8 students from Avila College recently enjoyed their City Experience program. It is designed to develop student confidence in urban environments through the examination of a range of social justice issues in Melbourne’s Central Business District.

The girls made their own way into the CBD on public transport each day. Students were given an assignment topic ‘Homelessness is easily solved – all that is needed is more affordable accommodation.’ In order to research the topic the girls visited Urban Seed and The Big Issue, organisations that help those who deal with homelessness on a daily basis. Guests speakers also addressed the group. Saara, a Muslim woman challenged the steroetypes that the media presents and Tony spoke about his gambling addiction and the consequences of his actions.

Students also visited the Melbourne Magistrates Court and took a tour of city laneways to view street art. The week culminated in the students presenting to their teachers and parents their findings from the assignment. Feedback from students about their City Experience was overwhelmingly positive and their parents and teachers were very impressed with their new found confidence and independence.