Year 10 Drama Festival

Inspired by the street art of the anonymous Banksy, Avila College’s Year 10 Drama Festival’s theme was “The Streets are Talking”. Students studied Banksy’s controversial art to stimulate the creative process and created five original plays. All plays had just one condition – just like Banksy’s art – they had to be set outdoors.

Using scriptwriting techniques such as ‘character diamonds’, students focused on creating multidimensional characters, refining speech flows and learnt about the art of stagecraft. Involved in all aspects of the production, students managed auditions, castings, rehearsals, set design, lighting and multimedia for the festival. 

Featuring actors from Year 7 – 10, the Drama Festival is a well loved tradition at Avila and an opportunity for girls in all year levels to connect and build a sense of community on stage and behind the scenes.