Time to Reflect

Reflection Days are integrated into the curriculum at every year level at Avila College. The days provide a great opportunity to take a break from the ususal busy schedule to reflect, both as a group and indivdually.

Year 9 students recently had their Reflection Day which was run in conjunction with the NETeam (The National Evangelisation Team). The NET is a national organisation that travels to different places in Australia to share the joy of God’s word. The theme for the day was ‘God’s Love and Self Image.’ The aim of the day was to reflect and embrace that we are made in the image and likeness of God and that all people are unique and part of God’s creation. The day was filled with many different emotions; one moment we were laughing and the next, the group was silent and reflecting on our own personal lives and the journey we are on.

The young, lively members of the NET team always had something interesting happening, Throughout the day there were drama performances, team work games and interesting stories.

It was inspiring to see our Religious Education teachers and some of our Homeroom Teachers paticipating on the day. They are good role models and a great day was had by everyone; full of laughs, reverence and participation.

Chiara Smith

Year 9 Faith and Mission Captain