Student Leadership Seminar

Central to effective leadership is the ability to communicate one’s ideas convincingly and with passion.

On Thursday the 16th July Avila College student leaders participated in their second seminar of the year. We were privileged enough to have the award-winning poet and spoken word performer – Emilie Zoe Baker – join us for the day to talk about the power of communication and the importance of speaking out about the things that we are passionate about.

After listening to Emilie talk to us about slam poetry and perform some of her own work, the leaders were challenged to develop and perform their own pieces in teams of three and four. At the end of the day, the groups performed in a poetry slam. As a result, one team of Year 12 leaders who wrote a piece about time will compete in the Out Loud Poetry Competition as part of Melbourne Writers’ Festival in August.

All student leaders can be congratulated on the creativity and sophistication of the ideas they expressed on the day. They approached all tasks set with enthusiasm and energy, impressing both Emilie Zoey Baker and staff present at the seminar. 

Madeleine Scott-Jones

Student Leadership Co-ordinator