Return to School Logistics

We are delighted to welcome our Year 8,9 and 10 students back to school on Monday 26 October. Preparations are underway to make the transition as smooth and safe as possible, whilst still celebrating the fact that we will all be back together. Please see below for details about staggered start and finish times, designed to ease congestion at either end of the day.

Face Masks
Students will be required to wear a face mask when travelling to and from school, and on the school campus.

Monday 26 October – Staggered Start and Finish Times
The daily timetable for Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 students has been slightly amended to support health and safety across the campus and reduce congestion at the school gate.

Year 11 students will learn from home on Monday and will have Period 1 as a catch up lesson to support this transition. Year 11 students completing an accelerated study may attend those classes onsite and must sign in at the front office. If remaining onsite, students must email Mr La Fauci to make learning arrangements for the rest of the day.

  • 8.15am School gates will be open for Year 7 students
  • 8.35am Homeroom for Year 7
  • 8.35am Students from Years 8, 9, 10 and 12 can arrive. Years 8 to 10 will go to Homeroom and Year 12 go straight to Period 1.
  • 3.00pm Finish for Year 7 and 9
  • 3.15pm Finish for Year 8, 10 and 12

Tuesday 27 October and for the Remainder of Term 4 – Staggered Start and Finish Times

  • 8.15am School gates will be open for Year 7 to 10 and students go straight to Homeroom
  • 8.35am Students from Years 11 and 12 can arrive and go straight to P1.
  • 3.00pm Finish for Year 7 and 9
  • 3.10pm Finish for Year 11 – Students completing accelerated studies in P4 finish at 3.15pm
  • 3.15pm Finish for Year 8, 10 and 12

Drop Off and Pick Up
Students can enter the school in the morning from the Charles Street or Stephensons Road gates.

On departure at 3pm, parents may prefer to use the car parking available near the Mt Waverley library as a pick up zone. Charles Street is congested at the end of the school day, so you may like to consider alternative pick up zones. A one way flow of traffic from Portsmouth Street and turning right into Charles Street is recommended.

Students will be required to sanitise their hands upon arrival and departure from school. As per the latest health advice, students are required to wear a face mask. Based on the advice of the Acting Deputy Chief Health Officer, given the current levels of community transmission in Victoria, mandatory temperature testing of all students on arrival to schools will not be required in Term 4. However, should community transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) increase, temperature checking may be reintroduced for some schools.