Our Learning Community

Avila offers a comprehensive and innovative curriculum designed to contribute to the intellectual, spiritual and physical development of students.
At Avila College we value different skills, talents and abilities and challenge ourselves to think critically, be intellectually curious and adopt a growth mindset.
With a focus on academic diversity, innovation and engagement, Avila students are encouraged to be agile thinkers, take ownership of their learning journey and achieve their own personal best.
Rigorous and relevant learning opportunities allow students to explore and question significant ideas and develop new knowledge. Each student is provided with a leased MacBook, which provides flexible access to resources for learning within and beyond classrooms.
Four eighty-minute lessons are timetabled each day to allow enough time for students to engage in profound and powerful learning.
We understand that each student’s academic journey is a personal one, which is why Avila College offers a variety of learning pathways to suit a diverse range of needs, aspirations and abilities.


Curriculum Guide

The Curriculum Guide is designed to help students and families understand more about the subjects available at each year level at Avila. Whether they are core or elective subjects, there is an outline of the areas of study and examples of the learning activities our students can expect to be engaged in during their studies.