House Swimming Carnival

The Annual House Swimming Carnival was held recently and as always it was a fantastic opportunity for the community to embrace the college’s House culture and spirit and to also celebrate the wonderful swimming talent we have at Avila.

There were so many students actively involved on the day, whether it was swimming, assisting on pool deck, or supporting their fellow competitors from the stands. The Points Swim as well as the introduction of the new “fill the bucket” race were highlights of the day with excellent participation in both events. The race for House honours was keenly contested all day, with Flynn, Chisholm and MacKillop competing desperately to wrestle back the trophy that Nagle won last year. However, in the end it was Nagle that was again victorious and they continued their recent domination of the event. Congratulations not only to Nagle, but to all the students and staff involved on the day. 

Tim Ross

Sports Co-ordinator