Golden Jubilee Eucharist

On Sunday 8 February, the Avila College community gathered at St Patrick’s Cathedral for a special Eucharist to celebrate the Golden Jubilee year of the college.

Bishop Edwards was the Principal celebrant and he was joined on the alter by the Rev Pat Jackson, Rev Brendan Dillon, Rev Hien Vu, Rev John Papworth and the Rev Michael Twigg. The Rev Paselio Lemalu was the Deacon for the Mass.

The week prior to the Eucharist Bishop Edwards visited the college for a day and met with both staff and students. Bishop Edwards toured the college and visited students in their classroom. He observed that the students were fortunate to be at Avila during the Golden Jubilee year of the college.

Past Principals Patricia Ryan, Maureen Thompson and Liz Gleeson were honoured guests as was Sr Joan Marshall who wrote the college hymn with Josepha Dunlop which was sung at the conclusion of the Mass. 

The Eucharist was a wonderful celebration of the many blessings bestowed upon the Avila community, both in the past and in the present. The readings, prayers and the homily inspired the congregation to give thanks and the music soared to the heights of the Cathedral. It was observed by many that the Avila students sang like a choir of angels.

The Eucharist was a joyous start to the Golden Jubilee year. Throughout 2015 many valued members of the Avila community will be hosted at special events to reconnect and celebrate the rich and proud history of the college.