Golden Jubilee Art and Design Exhibition

The 2015 Avila College Art and Design Exhibition opened to rave reviews on the evening of Wednesday 7 October. After months of preparation the exhibition was viewed by students, parents, visitors and friends. The high calibre VCE work was displayed in the Gathering Space and the Hall was filled with art and design pieces from all other year levels. 

The Food Technology students prepared tasting plates using native ingredients and the presentation and flavours were worthy of Master Chef.

The exhibition featured many works from  the fields of product design and technology, studio arts painting and drawing, studio arts photography and visual communication design. Many people commented on the depth of student talent and also the wide range of mediums used to create the impressive artworks.

Carly Grace, Education Manager at the Heide Museum officially opened the exhibition and she congratulated all students for the high standard of their work and encouraged parents to talk with their daughters about their art work to fully understand the context.

The Principal Louise Gunther said, “Throughout the past 50 years at Avila College Art and Design have played an intrinsic role in providing creative opportunities for students across all year levels.” She went onto say ” Many Avila Alumnae have experienced considerable success in the fields of Art and Technology after graduation. I am sure many of the students with work in this exhibition will be following in their footsteps after they leave the college.”