February 12 | New Restrictions Update

Dear Avila Community,

This afternoon the Premier of Victoria announced new restrictions for the state, including the closure of schools on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

As a result, we will be returning to remote and flexible learning for all students from Monday 15 February until at least Wednesday 17 February.

Whilst this is a sudden adjustment, it is something we have done before. We have a robust continuity of learning plan in place and the health and safety of our community matters more than anything. Students will also have the opportunity this afternoon to collect any books and resources they will need for their classes next week.

Please see below for more details about Avila College’s continuity of learning plan, provisions for children of essential workers and the support available for students.

As always, we will continue to keep our community updated via email as more information is available. We will also post any updates on the Avila website under the Latest News section.

Please stay safe, wash your hands and keep connected.

Warm Regards
Dr Michelle Cotter

Calendar Updates

  • Private music lessons scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be postponed.
  • Sport training scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be cancelled.
  • External VET classes scheduled for Wednesday will be undertaken remotely.
  • The Secondhand Uniform Shop will be closed on Wednesday 17 February.
  • The Year 8 Parent Information Evening scheduled for Thursday 18 February will be postponed.

Continuity of Learning Plan

Monday 15 February – Wednesday 17 February

Subject Teachers will provide directions to their classes for remote learning next week using SIMON and their preferred digital platform (eg. Google Classroom).

An Agile Approach

Avila’s Continuity of Learning program is agile and flexible. Our approach acknowledges the fact that each learning area has its own unique characteristics, and there is no one platform or technique that ‘fits all’. Each teacher has identified the tools that suit their learning area best. These will be different across subjects and year levels.

It is important to understand that continuity of learning does not mean that each scheduled lesson is delivered for 80 minutes through direct instruction via a video conferencing call. Having time away from screens to process concepts and work through ideas individually is crucial.

We strongly recommend that where possible, students use their normal timetable to structure their day of learning continuity at home. By doing this they can contact their class teacher and be available for their teacher to contact them at the time that their class is scheduled for.

Resources and Support

There will be differences in the way curriculum is delivered and as a result, students will need to be more self-directed, but they will not be doing this alone. Our Teachers, Learning Support Officers and Staff will be supporting students in their learning and wellbeing in many and varied ways and will be there to help overcome difficulties.

IT Support will continue to be available via email:
The Avila Counselling Team can be contacted on

Continuity of Learning Video


Overview of Continuity of Learning at Avila College Presentation

This interactive PREZI presentation offers a detailed overview of Continuity of Learning at Avila College. If you would prefer a static PDF, you can access the presentation PDF here.

Digital Roll Call

Monday 15 February – Wednesday 17 February

All students will be required to self check in to the Digital Roll Call via SIMON on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 8.35am and 11.50am.

It is a short and simple process, and the actions required are illustrated below.

Please Note:

  • If a student is not attending school (via remote learning) on a particular day, parents will need to contact the Absentee Line as normal – 9831 9696.
  • If a student has not checked in to SIMON before 11.50am, and a message has not been received on the Absentee line, the College will contact the student’s parents.
  • If a student checks in to SIMON with “Not Attending”, parents will still be required to contact the Absentee Line – 9831 9696.

If students have any difficulties on Monday checking into the Digital Roll Call via SIMON, please contact the Avila College General Office on 9831 9600.

Step One

Log into SIMON between 8.35am-11.50am each school day.
Enter the Homeroom Learning Space
This link can be found under Class Resources or Timetable.

Step Two

Click on the task “Remote Learning Attendance Check In” under Current Tasks.

Step Three

Type in “I’m here” or if you will absent that day, type “Not Attending”.
Click on Submit Content.
Digital Roll Call Completed!

Online Learning at School

Monday 15 February – Wednesday 17 February

Avila College will be providing supervision of online learning at school for vulnerable children and the children of essential workers. The definition of an essential worker is listed in the Table of Restrictions. Click here to view.

Please click here to apply to register for online learning at school. Applications for Monday must be received by 2pm on Sunday 14 February. If you have any queries regarding online learning at school, please email

Students whose registration is approved for online learning at school will be supervised and will be required to:

  • meet the health criteria
  • attend for the normal school day hours from 8.35am-3.15pm
  • sign in and out at the Avila College General Office
  • adhere to strict physical distancing rules on campus and wear a mask onsite
  • bring their own lunch/snacks, water bottle and headphones (for virtual sessions)
  • follow their individual timetable for the day
  • follow all directives given by College staff.