Excellent 2015 VCE Results

Avila College proudly congratulates the Year 12 students of 2015 on achieving excellent VCE results.

We congratulate Sophia Elliott the college Dux for 2015 who achieved an ATAR score of 99.05.

We also congratulate the students who achieved a perfect score of 50:

Sophia Elliott – Legal Studies

Christiana David – Further Mathematics

Erin Flatters – Visual Communication Design

We commend Sophia on her outstanding achievement. She obtained a perfect score of 50 in Legal Studies and achieved a near perfect score of 49, in Drama this year.  Sophia is a highly motivated student who has engaged intelligently and meaningfully with all aspects of school life.  Her academic success was acknowledged at Presentation Evening when she was awarded Academic Excellence in English, Legal Studies and Drama.  She was also the recipient of the Staff Alumni Service to the Wider Community award and the Public Speaking and Debating award. 

Sophia’s contribution to school life has been extensive and her intelligence has given depth to Social Justice actions undertaken by groups at the college.  Sophia was College Vice-Captain Community at Avila during 2015. Since year 7, she has been an active member of the Reconciliation Group.  She has embraced the ideas around Reconciliation and used these to inform her speeches to the community. She has also produced some powerful and challenging theatrical pieces in order to educate and inform others.   Sophia has been a fine ambassador for Avila within the broader community through her engagement with the Lions Club and involvement in the Red Cross Door Knock Annual Appeal.  Sophia initiated and was pivotal in the organisation of the Hunger Challenge to help raise funds to help combat poverty for people living in Kenya.  She has participated in numerous co-curricular events, most notably as a public speaker and debater and as a musician in the College Orchestra and String Ensemble. Sophia is hoping to pursue tertiary study in Arts (Chancellor’s Scholars Program) at the University of Melbourne.

Lauren Ramsey was awarded an ATAR score of 98.05 and she studied English, Literature, Mathematical Methods, Legal Studies, Drama and Global Politics in 2014. Lauren has shown herself to be an energetic, enthusiastic and organised student in her VCE studies.  She has demonstrated an exceptional ability across a variety of subjects covering Humanities, Mathematics and the Arts. This year Lauren was the recipient of the Year 12 Academic Excellence award for Literature.  She was also awarded the Sister Raymonde Taylor Creative Arts award and Drama colours. Lauren’s commitment to broader college life was demonstrated by her active involvement in the Creative Arts Festivals and her significant contribution to Drama. She was elected Drama Captain for 2015. Lauren hopes to pursue tertiary study in Arts at the University of Melbourne to be followed by post graduate study in Law.

We congratulate Aleksandra Odrowaz who achieved an ATAR score of 97.65. Her subjects included English, Mathematical Methods, Chemistry, Religion and Society and she studied Polish and Biology in 2014. Aleksandra approached her studies in a determined and diligent manner.  Her academic success can be attributed to her desire to achieve excellence. She demonstrated a diligent and consistent application to study by engaging in self-motivated, independent learning. Aleksandra was the recipient of the Year 12 Academic Excellence award for Religion and Society. Aleksandra hopes to pursue tertiary study in the field of Biomedical Science at Monash University, Clayton.

Samantha Doherty was awarded and ATAR score of 97.05 and she studied English, Further Mathematics, Biology, Psychology, Health and Human Development and Revolutions in 2014. Samantha’s diligence, determination and unwavering commitment to her academic studies have culminated in her excellent results.  Her success can be attributed to a willingness to work independently, to seek advice from her teachers and be pro-active in her approach to all tasks. This year she was the recipient of the Year 12 Academic Excellence award for Psychology. Samantha has a self-assured and mature approach to her studies, and she hopes to pursue tertiary study in Applied Science/Speech Pathology at La Trobe University.