Deep Learning in the Alternate Program

Avila College’s “Alternate Week” program (during the last week of Term 4) provides Year 7-9 students with meaningful opportunities to engage deeply with interdisciplinary learning. These program encourages critical and creative thinking, communication and collaboration with many and varied opportunities for student voice and self-direction through rich inquiry.

Year 9 students focused on the skills and mindsets needed for the world of work and demonstrated their entrepreneurial prowess in their responses to a Creative Brief provided by a major retailer. Groups presented and pitched their products to their Year 8 peers in a Trade Show. As a result, the Avila College Hall was buzzing with enthusiasm and passion for learning!

Year 8 students deep dived into the ‘how’ of story telling using language and The Arts as powerful tools for making their voices heard. They produced short films, radio shows, stories, slam poetry, street art, musical compositions and drama ensemble pieces. 

Solving problems with STEM solutions animated the Year 7 learners. Students  tackled problems of the environment, liveability issues and the use of natural resources. Their creative solutions to problem-solving impressed our STEM experts on Wednesday, as they pitched their concepts and defended their thinking in the Shark Tank. Our future is certainly in safe hands!