Continuity of Learning plan

Wednesday 18 March 9.15am

Dear Parents and Guardians,
The following resources are provided for your information. The guiding principles of the Continuity of Learning plan for our community will be enacted if or when a school closure is advised.

At this time, Avila College still does not have a confirmed case of COVID-19 and is operating as usual. However in the interests of keeping our community informed and aware, we thought it prudent to share these resources today.

Thank you to all our staff who are working tirelessly to continue to deliver curriculum at school and develop an online program for the future if required.

Dr Michelle Cotter

1. Avila College Continuity of Learning Plan for the Community

This plan outlines the resources, responsibilities and support available at Avila College to support a blended learning model for students. Download here.

640x400 Continuity Plan

2. Continuity of Music Learning

This plan provides an overview of how the Year 7 music program and instrumental/singing tuition sessions will be delivered under a blended learning model for students. 

640x400 continuity of music

3. Continuity of Learning | Top 10 Tips for Students

Tips and ideas for students on how to maintain continuity of learning if they are studying remotely. Download here.

640x400 Continuity Tips

4. Continuity of Wellbeing | Top 10 Tips for Students

Tips and ideas for students on how to manage their wellbeing. Download here.

640x400 Wellbeing Tips

Useful Links

A list of useful community links provided by The Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV).