Christian Spirituality in our Gadget Filled World

Avila staff gathered together at their latest professional development seminar to explore the idea of Christian Spirituality in our gadget filled world.

Dr Richard Gaillardetz, Joseph Professor of Catholic Systematic Theology and director of Graduate Studies, Theology Dept. at Boston College, facilitated the event. Delegates were led on a journey that included discussions about philosophy, technology and spirituality with a specific exploration of the ecology of the home. This idea stems from looking at the profound way technology is evident in our lives and how its integration has changed over time. Distinctions were made between tools and devices and how we must look at how technology enhances or divides our ability to stand in solidarity with others.

While we can all agree that technology is integrated into most things we do and it has the ability to make our lives easier in many ways, we must not forget the grace present in our world. The grace given so lovingly by God is a gift of a different economy that we must remember to keep at the forefront of our lives. The seminar was a timely event with the release of Pope Francis’ encyclical letter “Praise be with you.”

Renee Fleeton

Director Faith and Mission