Celebrate Your Own Beauty

Avila College Year 9 students were intrigued, enthralled, surprised and amused during a presentation about body image. The session began with Evelyn, a mature aged lady who pointed out that the media had a lot to answer for in terms of promoting an unrealisitc female stereotype. She mentioned that 75% of young Australians are not happy with their body. She told the group of engaged Year 9 students that whilst she never looked like a model that hadn’t stopped her from feeling beautiful. Evelyn went on to say that advertising tells you that you are not good enough, but she thinks that each and every girl is beautiful and that we come in all shapes and sizes.

To the amazement of the audience Evelyn then magically morphed into the much younger Kelly who shared her sometimes amusing thoughts on body image. She said she was exhausted from trying to keep up with the ‘What’s Hot’ list and she challenged the girls to be true to themselves and not be a slave to what others consider to be on trend. She finished by saying “I can only be the best version of me and that is the ultimate in beauty. Celebrate your own beauty.”