Building Resilience

Lucinda Nolan, Deputy Commissioner of Victoria Police, visited Avila College to present her views on “Building Resilience for Strong Female Leaders”.

Ms Nolan is extremely well qualified to present on the topic of resilinece as she has had a long and successful career in the Force. She spoke at length about the attributes and qualities required to be strong and referred to research studies which identified the traits required to cope and to thrive in adverse conditions.

Ms Nolan challenged students to embrace strategies that would not only build their own resilience but also to make a positive change to the environment around them. She spoke about “helicopter parenting” and the fact that in the long run it does not really help children to be strong. 

The audience had many questions ranging from how she had become so successful, to her opinions as to how the modern day working woman can juggle all the demands on her time.

Both the students and parents were privledged to hear insights from a high profile and successful woman on such a relevant topic.