Benefits of an All Girl Education

Avila College Principal, Ms Louise Gunther believes that girls benefit greatly from a single-sex education in a nurturing Christian environment.

‘An all-girls environment provides students with a freedom of subject choice and a freedom of expression that they may not experience in a co-educational school,’ Ms Gunther said. ‘Also, our students benefit from the Christian values that are so much part of daily life at Avila College and are seen in the respect that students have for each other, the staff and the wider community, student leadership and social consciousness, and the level of pastoral care available.’

Ms Gunther said that students at an all-girls school enjoyed a tremendous freedom in their choice of subjects and career paths, without the restrictions, perceived or otherwise, of gender stereotyping. She believed the students were also able to express themselves freely, which enhanced their development into confident young adults.

‘Avila is a vibrant community of more than 1,000 young women from years 7 to 12 who are constantly being enriched through classroom learning and extra curricular activities and community involvement,’ she said.

Ms Gunther noted that past Avila students who have excelled in a diverse range of careers worldwide, frequently comment on the ‘can do’ attitude that is so much part of the Avila culture; the supportive environment; and the belief that girls can do anything they choose to, providing they work hard to achieve their goals.


The academic and extra curricular achievements and successes of our students are celebrated at Avila. They inspire other students to “have a go” and to pursue their personal best.

Ms Louise Gunther

While most girls benefited greatly from single-sex education, Ms Gunther said it was important that they develop a healthy rapport with boys. To that end, Avila students enjoy activities with Mazenod College, including a highly competitive annual debate, jointly produced musical, and Christian Reflection Days.

Ms Gunther considers some of the some of the key measures of a good school to be rapport between teachers and students, a sound curriculum, and an active partnership between teachers, students and parents working towards a common goal – nurturing the development of happy and well adjusted young people ready to face the challenges and responsibilities of adult life.

Past students of Avila are proud of their alma mater and what they have achieved. They look back on their time at Avila with great fondness.