Learning Innovation

The Arts

Junior Art Club

The Junior Art Club is open to all Year 7 and 8 students. The student’s work closely with the Art Captains from Years 7 to 12 to create individual and group works at lunchtimes in the Art Studios.

The works are displayed around the School and are also featured in the Annual Art Show. The students benefit from the supportive and creative environment created by their fellow students, which helps to build valuable cross age relationships.

The Arts

Performing Arts

Performing Arts teaches students essential skills that they will need throughout their schooling and beyond. It builds their confidence, imagination, empathy, creativity and adaptability and extends their abilities in expressing and examining ideas, providing them direct opportunities to put them into practice. The power of performance for our students is invaluable to their personal and social development.

Extra Curricular Performing Arts Programs include:

Junior Drama Club

The Junior Drama Club is open to all Year 7 and 8 students. It as an important part of the Pastoral Care Program as it provides the opportunity for students to get to know one another well in a relaxed setting.

Year 10 Drama Festival

The Year 10 Drama Festival is a true testimony to the power of student led performance. The students create, write and direct the performances of short plays, which are held on two evenings. Students in Years 7 to 10 can audition to be in the cast of these plays and the production season takes place in Terms 3 and 4. Students who are selected for the Year 10 Drama Festival will rehearse weekly after school.

Drama Intensive Workshops

These optional workshops are for interested students in Years 10, 11 and 12 who wish to extend their performance skills by developing their characterisation expertise. They are held in short blocks, focusing on particular skill sets over a four-week period. The workshops are held after school.

Catholic Education Melbourne’s Student Wellbeing Drama Festival

For the first time in 2013 Avila College entered the Catholic Education Melbourne’s Student Wellbeing Drama Festival, where a class of students direct, devises, write and produce an ensemble performance on an issue of Wellbeing.

In 2013, Avila College was awarded Best Ensemble for their piece titled ‘The Seven Steps’ which was based on the important role of forgiveness in our social and personal wellbeing.

Primary School Drama Performances

Each year, a group of Avila drama students, lead by the Drama Captains from Years 7-12, devise a 20-minute children’s theatre performance and invite interested local Primary Schools to be their audience. In 2012, we performed a revised Alice In Wonderland and in 2013 it was The Wizard of Aus.

Creative Arts Festival

The Creative Arts Festival showcases contributions from the fields of Music, Multimedia, Art, Drama, Dance and Textiles.

There is a student and staff team who collaborate together to create the Creative Arts Festival. Students can become involved in the areas of their interest.

Groups and rehearsals take place each week during Terms 1 and 2 leading up to the performance evening. This event is a highlight on the school calendar and it is the perfect forum to display the depth of talented students at Avila.