Learning Innovation

VCAL Curriculum

The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is an alternate certificate administered by the VCAA, which may be undertaken by all students who are enrolled in any vocational course, either at Avila or elsewhere in Years 11 and/or 12.

640 x 400 VCAL

The VCAL certificates are taught differently to VCE using the following guidelines:

  • relating theory and practice
  • linking educational contexts and learning with ‘real life’ and the community
  • building on student’s knowledge and interests
  • negotiating content and learning
  • providing for different learning styles.

A key educational concept underpinning learning is the ability to act as an independent or self-directed learner.  This means that although there are deadlines and set tasks to complete, students learn to manage their time and commitments in order to achieve success. 


Teachers act as facilitators and respond to student’s requests for assistance, rather than formally lecturing and setting common tasks for the lesson. 

Not all VCAL students are self-directed learners, especially those enrolled at Foundation and Intermediate level.