Learning Innovation

VCE Curriculum

VCE is typically undertaken over two years but may be taken over a longer period with some students starting some VCE studies in Year 10.

Year 11 includes the compulsory studies:

  • English or Literature,
  • Religious Education, and
  • Physical Recreation.

Many university courses include ‘presumed knowledge’ of some VCE mathematics and there are increased expectations by employers that employees know how to interpret and work with metadata, hence it is expected that students continue their study of Mathematics in Year 11.

640x400 Year 11

Students choose a total of 12 VCE units of study in Year 11 and 10 VCE units of study in Year 12. Each VCE unit lasts one semester. 

Units 1 and 2 of a study will usually be completed during Year 11.  It is highly recommended that a sequence of Units 1 and 2 be undertaken as preparation for the study of a 3 and 4 sequence. 

Highly conscientious and able Year 11s may undertake a Unit 3 and 4 sequence while in Year 11. Most Units 3 and 4 will be completed during Year 12. 

At Year 12, English and or Literature and the school-based Religious Education program are compulsory.