Learning Innovation

Year 9 and 10

640x400 Year 9 Art

In Year 9 students start to tailor their learning to suit their individual talents and interests.

In addition to their chosen language (French, Italian or Indonesian) students continue to study Victorian Curriculum English, Maths, Science and History but they can also select from a broad range of Arts, Technology and Humanities electives.

To provide greater opportunity to develop particular areas of interest students elect their preferred Science stream: Consumer, Enviro or Techno. Each Science stream includes all of the Aus VELS content with additional focus on a specialist strand within the course.

640x400 Year 10 Learning

In Year 10 the depth of learning increases and the potential to specialise begins. 

The Year 10 course includes compulsory subjects (Religious Education, English, Maths, Science, Health & Physical Education for the full year and History for one semester) plus 3 semester length electives.

In Year 10 study of a Language is optional but highly recommended. Information about electives is given at Subject Information Sessions prior to the subject selection final date.

All Year 10 students are in homeroom groups for the Living and Values Program and Health & Physical Education. During Year 10, all students are involved in a Community Service Program.