Faith and Mission

As a Catholic school, Avila is responsible for nurturing Christian values within its students.

Faith Development

Our students and staff share a strong sense of Catholic community, which is underpinned by the core values of respect, honesty, support, forgiveness, trust and justice.

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The Avila Family

We are very much a family that works together, prays together, celebrates together and reaches out to others in the wider community.

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Saint Teresa

The patron of the College is Saint Teresa of Avila and she is an excellent role model in our mission to encourage students to be Christ-centered in their journey to adulthood.

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Religious Education Program

The Religious Education Program at Avila nurtures faith and provides knowledge. The Program is developed around the pillars of the head, the heart and the hand.

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Community Service

A sense of community beyond the school environment is encouraged through a number of programs and extra curricular activities.