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Wearing of the Avila uniform is compulsory.

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Uniform Options

Avila College students have the opportunity to select from a range of uniform options together with the navy blazer and dress to suit the weather and daily activities. 

Mandatory items:

  • Navy blue blazer
  • Black lace up shoes
  • Maroon jumper (blue jumper for Year 11+12 students)

Options include:

  • Blue tartan short-sleeved dress with white collar
  • White short-sleeved shirt
  • White long-sleeved short
  • Pleated blue wool tartan skirt
  • Tailored navy blue shorts
  • Tailored navy blue pants
  • Blue socks/tights
  • White socks


  • Avila blue scarf

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The Sports Uniform comprises:

  • Sports Polo
  • Microfibre sports shorts
  • Microfibre tracksuit pants
  • Microfibre sports jacket
  • Polar fleece vest
  • Bathers
  • Sports Cap
  • Sports bag.

Purchasing the Avila College Uniform

The Avila College uniform can be purchased from:

PSW Mount Waverley
288-290 Stephensons Road
Mount Waverley

Telephone: 9809 5477

Uniform Regulations

  • All items of uniform need to be the official College Uniform
  • The school dress and school skirt need to be worn at knee length.  Coloured t-shirts should not be worn under the summer dress or blouses
  • In all year levels blazers are to be worn travelling to and from school at all times. (No blazers are required on days of excessive heat)
  • Correct sports uniform is to be worn for all periods of Physical Education. The full regulation school tracksuit may be worn to and from school in terms 2 and 3 only
  • The sports vest is to be worn under the tracksuit top
  • Girls with pierced ears may wear no more than two small sleepers or studs in each ear. Facial piercing is not acceptable. Students are permitted to wear a simple chain necklace bearing a small cross (no longer than 1.5cm) of gold or silver as a religious icon. No other item, regardless of significance or type is permitted. Rings, bracelets and anklets are not to be worn
  • The wearing of nail polish and make-up is not allowed
  • Students should keep their hairstyles simple, natural color, tidy and off the face while at school or travelling in uniform. If ribbons are to be worn they are to be maroon, navy or white
  • For safety and hygiene reasons long hair must always be tied up
  • Due to Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) concerns, all nails, whether natural or artificial, must project no more than 0.5cm from the end of the finger and allow students to safely engage in all aspects of school curricular and co-curricular activities.  Due to OH&S requirements, false nails cannot be worn at all by students who study Design Technology, Science or Food Technology subjects.  Due to the risk to student safety, they will be removed from practical classes until the false nails are removed
  • Winter uniform is usually worn in Terms 2 and 3 and the summer uniform is usually worn in
    Terms 1 and 4
  • All students must wear low-heeled black lace up leather school shoes.
  • The school bag must be the official Avila College bag.  When attending school excursions students will use only the Avila College excursion bag
  • A student who rides a bicycle to school must wear an approved safety helmet, properly fastened
  • On casual dress days students will dress appropriately.  They should not wear singlet tops, inappropriate shorts or thongs.

Second Hand Uniforms

The Second Hand Uniform Shop is located at Avila College. Open dates and times are listed on the Avila calendar.
Telephone 9831 9600 

Please Note: Avila blazers with the old logo are no longer able to be sold on commission. 

If you have uniform items that you would like the College to sell on your behalf, please fill in the form below - all the information and conditions about selling second hand uniform at Avila are detailed on the front page. If you have signed this authority and have your uniform pieces individually labelled, then together they can be dropped into the General Office at any time.  No uniform items can be accepted without this authority, which is also available at front desk.

Queries can be directed to